About Us

Mythic Beauty Haus is a handcrafted makeup line that offers highlighters, eyeshadows, loose glitter eyeshadows, lip glosses, lip balms, makeup bags, bath products and skincare. We are a makeup line that was founded in 2015 and located in Miami, Florida. We wanted our company to stand out as a foundation to inspire every artist to reach far deep into their beauty fantasies and create stunning masterpieces. When it came to naming the products we were inspired by mythical creatures as well as mythology; which is something that we have always been intrigued with. Our cosmetic line truly does not cater to one individual or style; instead we are here to meet everyone’s beauty needs. We pride ourselves in offering high quality cosmetics at affordable price.

Our products are Vegan, Talc Free and Cruelty Free!!! We are 100% animal lovers and will never test on animals!!!